Marla Villas : your real estate agency on St Barths

When French born Bertrand Labouerie landed on St Barths in 1971, there was no proper airport, just a makeshift runway and a large tree under which people drank champagne. Corks were sprawled across the ground, among soaring cliffs and white beaches.

The atmosphere was completely surreal, inarguably authentic and teeming with energy. He immediately fell in love with the island and bought a second home, which he rented during the winter months. He then lived on the island in 1978-79 and again in 1993-94 before settling there permanently in 1998 and opening his villa rental and real estate company.

Seduced by the wonderful climate, low-key atmosphere and understated beauty and class of the island, Bertrand Labouerie created MARLA VILLAS to provide travelers with that unique St Barths experience that first enticed him in 1971.

MARLA VILLAS office is ideally located in Gustavia, the capital of St Barths. It is a French Real Estate Company licensed by the French department of Saint Barts  : license CPI 9771 2018 000 025 736 and guaranteed by SOCAF financial group.

Saint Barthelemy's Villa rental service

MARLA VILLAS represents 180 villas, from the simple beach cottage with clapboard shutters to mountain perched spaces yada yada. Unlike other real estate companies on St.Barths, MARLA VILLAS is a small-scale, family-owned company that focuses on tailoring the villa experience to each client.

Among the vast array of clients are artists and thinkers, privacy seekers, families, honeymooners and impresarios. We aim to understand each client and according to the taste and demands, needs and sentiments, sculpt an ideal villa rental experience.

As a small business, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, offering the comfort and privacy of a villa experience with extensive concierge services. Discretion is integral to the MARLA VILLAS edict, as privacy is an invaluable right of our clients. The company, much like the charm of the island, strives for understated elegance and seeks to maintain a very low-profile.

Buy a villa on St Barts with your local real estate agency

Should you choose to purchase a property on St Barts, you've come to the right place!

Our knowledge of the Real Estate market as well as the legal specificities of the island will make buying your Saint Barts property a hassle-free experience. We will assist you through the entire process, provide counsel, recommend reliable partners (flexible banks & dedicated lawyers) insuring a successful proprietorship.

We are dedicated to providing the best financial and legal solutions to meet your requests.
After your purchase, we will handle all of the administrative formalities (electricity, water, telephone, insurance…).

Real estate agency : Purchasing process and fees

When purchasing property, you (the buyer) are responsible for paying Notaire's statutory fees along with filing fees and registration fees (globally referred to as "transfer taxes").

Unlike the United States, there is in France a "Notaire" who is appointed and who acts essentially as a "Title Insurer”. He is responsible for the drafting and filing of the Deed. The Notaire's fees are set by statute and he is responsible for making certain that "Free and Clear Title" is transferred. After the receipt of a Statement of Recorder's liens from Guadeloupe, the Deed is signed and title transferred. The delay between signature of the Purchase Agreement and the Deed is generally about three (3) months.

Once a Seller and a Buyer have agreed on price, a Purchase and Sale Agreement is executed, at which time 10% of the purchase price is placed into the Notaire's escrow account as an earnest money deposit. In the event the purchaser decides not to buy, after all the conditions to a sale have been fulfilled, the earnest money deposit is forfeited. Any number of precedent conditions may be included in the sale, and the same can be used to protect the potential buyer from the loss of his earnest money deposit.

Property management

Highly efficient and available, our team will advise you in conducting renovation work or resolving any specific issues you might encounter.

Our property management service is committed to meeting your requirements by offering a selection of the islands top professionals in a range of service at competitive rates :

Maintenance, (house, garden and pool, etc.)
Building works: from architect to site supervision
Financial statements, (electricity, gas, water, telephone, maintenance contracts, etc.)
Utility services, (water, post, telephone, gas/electricity, etc.)
Tax and insurance
We understand what it means to own a second home in a foreign country. We will expertly supervise the preparation of a personalized management plan that covers every aspect of your property, consistently striving to find solutions in your best interest.

We take pride in our excellent problem solving skills and high level of dependability.