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Villa YELLOW BIRD is located on the outskirts of the area of Pointe Milou, renowned at St Barthelemy for its villas of exception.

Here cape in the magic of the silence, situated in border of hill in dominant position in a wild and mineral environment, without any nuisance, YELLOW BIRD gets an extraordinary panoramic view which extends of Lorient bay to Marigot, as well as a very big intimacy.

Recently renovated, YELLOW BIRD made be next raw furniture to vintage reference and to contemporary elements. The house is spacious and breezy, the living and the kitchen are facing the dining area dominating the outside. On the side of the house, a round plunge with benches from where you can take advantage of the incredible view while sipping a cocktail.
Three bedrooms are in the main floor, two with an adjacent bathroom, and one bedroom with a neighboring bathroom, which can also serve as guest bathroom. The fourth bedroom is on the floor below and has a private terrace, as well as the gym room.

YELLOW BIRD is a paradise in which we give way gladly the time of the holidays to St Barth.


  • panoramic view
  • idyllic spot
  • privacy
  • quiet
  • chic decor
  • Pool

Villa details

Living room

View : Océan

Equipment Fan TV Wifi French satellite US satellite

Information : Apple TV


Kitchen equipped for : 14 people

Equipment Gaz BBQ Coffee Expresso Toaster Microwave Mixer Iron Fan

Information : wine cooler

Bedroom 1

View : Garden

Bed size : Queen 60 * 80

Equipment Air conditioning Fan Mosquito net Safe

Bedroom 2

View : Océan

Bed size : Twins or king 39 * 75

Equipment Air conditioning Fan Mosquito net Safe

Bedroom 3

View : Océan

Bed size : Queen 60 * 80

Equipment Air conditioning Fan Mosquito net Safe

Bedroom 4

View : Océan

Bed size : Queen 60 * 80

Equipment Air conditioning Fan Mosquito net Safe

Service +

Maid Pool guy Gardener Linen Towels Beach towels


  • Location: Pointe Milou
  • Latitude: 17.911258
  • Longitude: -62.816146
  • Gustavia: 15 min
  • Restaurant: 1 min
  • Airport: 10 min
  • Supermarket: 5 min
  • Nearest beach: Lorient


Price / week *1 bedroom2 bedrooms3 bedrooms4 bedrooms
Low Season 2019
From 04/15/2019
To 12/15/2019
Festive Season 19/20
From 12/15/2019
To 01/10/2020
High Season 2020
From 01/10/2020
To 04/15/2020

*Rates are subject to change without notice and do not include an additional 10% service fees
A 5% lodging tax is applied since January 1st,2008


October 2019
November 2019

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