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Near Gustavia, a stunning place for beautiful souls… Villa Lao Saint Bart is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind luxury villa with great vibes and a warm heart. Designed to accommodate the most refined of Saint-Bart lovers, it enjoys a perfect location, spectacular view, and an amazing interior decor. Every single detail in Villa Lao has been carefully curated to relax and inspire you, including the custom-made wooden furniture and tasteful color mix. This generous property will make you feel right at home, and more than that - we think it might just speak to your soul.

Daydream, relax, play… Villa Lao Saint Bart boasts three spacious bedrooms situated on different floors for perfect privacy. All three include a king-size bed, ocean views, and a private terrace with a Jacuzzi. The main floor comprises a large living area, a separate TV room, an open kitchen with high-end equipment, and an air-conditioned fitness room with a view. The outdoor area is composed of a gorgeous infinity pool, a large deck, and a comfortable gazebo (which we like to think of as the perfect spot for before-dinner drinks).

The perfect location… Villa Lao Saint Bart is situated in Hauts de Crossel, a gorgeous hillside in south-west Saint Bart. You will be able to admire the Gustavia Harbour from your deck chair, as well as a dreamy sunset every evening. The many restaurants and luxury boutiques of Gustavia are just 10 minutes away by car. So is Saint Jean for a music-filled afternoon at the Nikki Beach, or Flamands for a visit at the hotel Cheval Blanc. This luxury rental is easily accessible and has three parking spots.


  • fantastic view
  • sunset
  • ideal location
  • modern
  • Heated pool
  • Gym

Villa details

Living room

View : Océan

Equipment Air conditioning Fan Mosquito net TV Wifi French satellite US satellite


Kitchen equipped for : 12 people

Equipment Gaz BBQ Coffee Expresso Toaster Microwave Mixer Dish washer Air conditioning Fan

Information : Wine storage

Bedroom 1

View : Océan

Bed size : King 76 * 80

Equipment Air conditioning Fan Mosquito net Safe TV French satellite US satellite

Information :
Apple Tv
Private terrace

Bedroom 2

View : Océan

Bed size : King 76 * 80

Equipment Air conditioning Fan Safe TV French satellite US satellite

Information :
Apple Tv
Private terrace

Bedroom 3

View : Océan

Bed size : King 76 * 80

Equipment Air conditioning Fan Mosquito net Safe TV French satellite US satellite

Information :
Apple Tv
Private terrace

Service +

Maid Pool guy Gardener Linen Towels Beach towels


4x4 required

Information : Kids allowed on request


  • Location: Corossol
  • Latitude: 17.909936
  • Longitude: -62.851761
  • Gustavia: 2 min
  • Restaurant: 2 min
  • Airport: 5 min
  • Supermarket: 5 min
  • Nearest beach: Corossol


Price / week *1 bedroom2 bedrooms3 bedrooms
Low Season 2020
From 04/13/2020
To 12/15/2020
Festive Season 20/21
From 12/15/2020
To 01/10/2021
High Season 2021
From 01/10/2021
To 04/15/2021

*Rates are subject to change without notice and do not include an additional 10% service fees
A 5% lodging tax is applied since January 1st,2008


September 2020
October 2020

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